Dating ancient history

The Greek Ambassodor Magasthenis has recorded that 138 generations have passed between Krishna and Chandragupta Maurya. Many scholars have taken this evidence, but taking only 20 years per generation they fixed the date of Krishna as 2760 years before.

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Kalaukale) This means years passed in the Kali Era. The remaining third clause is ( Shatasu Here the verse does not specifically say the Shalivahan Shaka but Scholars have taken granted that it is Shalivahan Shaka without any base or.

Dating ancient history

This may prove to be a break-through in deciding the chronology of the events in the history of Bharat (and probably the World). In the following few posts, I have made an attempt to provide a glance at the proofs.

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Dating ancient history

Thus the year of inscribing this note is 634 AD. At this time 3735 years had passed from the Bharat War. So the date of the War comes to 3101 BC.


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